15 04, 2016

Weekly Digital Marketing Wrapup: April 14, 2016

12 04, 2016
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Power of Effective Networking: Interview with Chuck Kobdish

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In today's episode I have the pleasure of talking to Chuck Kobdish of East Dallas Networking and Founder of BackMenders Chiropractic with Care. He shares some of his top tips to make networking work for your business as well as the unlikely benefits that came from growing EDN to a powerhouse group which

12 04, 2016

How to Verify Your Facebook Fanpage (And Why You Should Care)

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5 04, 2016

Results from Snapchat Geofilters Test

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4 04, 2016

Nonprofit Marketing is Same as For Profit Marketing

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5 Tips that can help you increase your nonprofits awareness and stay top of mind throughout the year... not just during your yearly gala. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes  

1 04, 2016

How to create a Snapchat Geofilter

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1 04, 2016

Should you be running a Facebook Like Campaign?

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Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes Simple answer: NO. But, hit play on the video if you like to hear my long answer too. I share my thoughts and experiences from running successful campaigns for my clients. If you have questions you would like for me to answer in a future video just send

30 03, 2016

Chat 2.0 : Snapchat is no longer just a kids toy… it may the default messenger

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Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes Remember how people used to make fun of FB and how it would never be profitable and had no use for business purposes? Remember how only the kids were using it and no one besides college students were allowed to join? Now grandma and all our family members

23 03, 2016

Ep 002: Do Facebook Ads Actually Work?

In todays podcast and video go through a couple of different examples where I have been able to help a variety of businesses get business directly from facebook. We were even able to help a non-profit get more donations for their cause. In fact we were able to raise donations by 58% compared

23 11, 2015

Facebook Power Editor is Now More Powerful!

The new power editor update now allows some targeting refinements that were previously only available through third party platforms like kwaya.  

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